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Nutritional Meals

We believe that to have healthy children, it starts with a healthy balanced meal to fuel the body and mind of a child. 

Our program provides nutritional meals; breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. 

We follow the Child Adult Care Food Program requirements of nutrition and food guidelines. 

Our meals are prepared fresh daily and served in such a manner that promotes family-style dining.

Family-style dining is a formal opportunity for children to engage with each other and their teachers that promote social skills and fine motor skills. Family-style dining also provides children with the opportunity to explore their ability to make personal decision and judgement upon food selection and quantity. Meal time is used as another opportunity for learning everyday skills, while also reflecting on other areas of learning interests, through conversating with their peers and teachers.

If children do have allergies, we do provide substitute meals. In order to provide substitute meals, we need a doctor's note for the child's file explaining the child's allergy and their restriction (required by state regulation).

Our meal menus are updated periodically and provide a wide selection of foods for the children. If you would like to view a menu, please ask your local Precious Moments program or contact us for a menu.

Our menus are available on site and are updated periodically 

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