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Precious Moments is a year-round program that offers all day care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years. Our daily activities and program consist of a flexible schedule that has been created to provide diversity and challenge children in all age groups.

We are a 5-STAR accredited learning program that is committed to providing quality service to our families. We provide children within our communities a safe, loving and learning environment that they can build a solid foundation on and grow in.
We incorporate a wide variety of educational toys and learning materials that promote creative activities and learning methods. Our program introduces a daily schedule that establishes a sense of structure, and our educators create and utilize a unique curriculum that is modified to meet each child's individual needs and progress. Our activities include school arts and crafts, games, music, outdoor play, story time, etc. 


Our mission is to provide an environment for children to love, learn, and grow. We aim to provide quality care and education for children of our parents within the community.


Precious Moments Learning Center works to provide a loving, learning and safe environment that is child centered and appropriate for the various developmental levels of the children attending (6 weeks to 12 years old).

We provide children with opportunities to explore, experience, and develop competence with materials, tools, people, language, ideas, concepts, and opportunities for children to interact with adults in meaningful activities with a variety of materials which enable children to build knowledge, self-esteem and competence in physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and language skills. 

With care, support and guidance, we strive to promote a healthy social and emotional environment in which children develop trust, autonomy and initiative. We are mindful of the fact that healthy social-emotional development, including the formation of a strong self-concept, has been found by researchers to be an important prerequisite to the later development of academic skill.

We believe that early years are critical in a child's development, and that the quality of care that they receive early in their lives will have long lasting importance. We recognize that each child has unique gifts and abilities that are to be celebrated and nurtured.

Class Learning

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

6:30am - 6:00pm

Child Safety


Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being your children. Our main priority is ensuring your children are as comfortable as possible with an environment that can ensure security to the minds of the families we serve.

Our programs practive fire drills monthly, and emergency drills quarterly throughout the year. All staff members are CPR/First Aid certified and have been through a thorough State background check.

We have code locks on our entrances and all doors, during business hours, remain locked, so there is no easy access onto our facilities. We verify any unrecognizable adult before allow that adult to depart with any child. We will photo copy their I.D. and cross reference the child's file to see if they have authorization from the family to pick up the child.

We understand that your child's safety also includes hygiene. We provide an environment that schedules continuous cleaning throughout the day. We believe a clean environment prevents certain amount of chaos and promotes a child's emotional, mental and physical well being.  

​Our Staff

We are deeply rooted with the understanding that to have happy children we must strive for happy educators. Our staff are selected due to the exposure of experience and character that they possess. We want the best for the children and families we serve. When we select staff, we keep in mind the gift they will be capable of bringing into our environment on a daily basis.


Our selection process can be a tough one but it is because the quality care we strive to provide is extremely important to us.

All staff are CPR/Fist Aid Certified, have a 45-hour Certificate introducing them to requirements in the Early Learning Childcare Field and they continually obtain regular trainings regarding areas such as:

  1. Child, Growth and Learning

  2. Health, Safety, Nutrition and Infection Control

  3. Family Community Collaboration

  4. Developmentally Appropriate Content

  5. Learning Environment and Curriculum Implementation

  6. Assessment of Children and Programs

  7. Professionalism


They must be 18 years or older, or must present a working permit, and have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED).

Our staff must obtain the State requirement of obtaining 24 hours of training annually. We highly encourage our staff to take college classes towards a Child Development Certificate and an Early Childhood Associates Degree.

The trainings our staff receive are specified for the age group they are working with. Our staff are always provided with new and innovated information on ways to improve your child's experience in our program. 


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