Parent-teacher conferences are held for all ages, so you are always aware of your child's progress.



Our toddler classroom is a classroom that serves the ages 1 years -2 years.

Our teacher-child ratio is 1:6.

In this environment, our little toddlers are eager to explore and learn new abilities and familiarize themselves with their peers. At this age, the children do follow a daily schedule and curriculum that is more structured but flexible enough to ease the toddlers into each activity.

Our Toddler program includes:

  • Fine Motor Development through structured play

  • Outdoor play and Gross Motor Skill Development

  • First words and language development

  • Introduction to basic color, shapes, and numbers

  • Pre-literacy and conversation skills

  • Science room activities

  • Daily circle time for guided-teaching and vocabulary building

  • Group play and social skill building

  • Self-help skills including feeding

  • Spanish-language integration

  • Multi-sensory art activities

Our infant program prepares your child for a successful transition into our Twos Program.

For all ages, our teaching method is through the  power of play. We believe that play is the highest valued resource that children learn through. Each classroom is set up into sectioned areas, such as: (main utilized areas)

  • Blocks

  • Science

  • Library

  • Music

  • Homeliving

  • Manipulative (Puzzles)

  • Art

  • Cozy Area (area that allows quiet and comfort) 


Our toddlers enjoy three nutritious meals throughout the day; breakfast, lunch and snack. All meals meet the CACFP requirements. It is our program's requirement to encourage our staff to dine with children during meals, as well as for children to serve themselves so they can develop a sense of choice. This method is known as "family-style dining," and plays an important role in a child's life introducing them to social skills. Food is passed around in small bowls/containers for children to serve themselves on their own plates. Teachers assist those children who need assistance serving themselves.

Our staff are trained to keep your little one busy and healthy throughout the day. As we challenge them to develop new skills, they encourage us to always have fun and keep things simple.




We serve infants as little as 6 weeks old. 

Our teacher-child ratio is 1:6.

Our Infants' class is a loving and nurturing class designed to meet the needs of your little blessing.


While they are still so very little, we provide them an environment that challenges their rapid progressing growth and needs. From learning how to baby talk or hold their head up, to learning how to crawl or eat solids, we are ready to help you pave the way for your infants future. We are driven in continuously providing our families with a quality environment that can be trusted.

Teachers do assessments on the infants to track their development and share it with families during parent-teacher conference dates. ​Teachers also create flexible curriculums to follow for the week, working on areas to strengthen within each infant's different needs. 

We provide a variety of toys and materials and equipment to ensure your infant is being well taken care of while in our care.


Our infant program includes:

  • Language and Baby Sign Language Development

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development

  • Multi-sensory art activities

  • Close alignment with baby’s home rhythm for feeding, sleeping and play

  • Daily feedback between parents and caretakers

If your infant is being introduced to baby solids or regular solid foods, we provide both. We provide nutritional meals for breakfast, lunch and snack, and infant appropriate foods for in between feedings, as needed. 


Our teacher/child ratio is 1:10.

Our two's environment is fully equipped with materials that will keep children focused and interacting in play for ample amounts of time. One on one teacher-child interaction is highly promoted in our program and is done so on a daily basis. 

Our goal is to understand your child and provide them with the right materials and resources that fit their needs so they can excel in all areas. 

Our Twos program includes:

  • Early literacy skills such as phonics

  • Pre-writing skills and teacher-assisted drawing

  • Self-help skills including feeding, bathroom, and dressing

  • Beginner math and counting

  • Spanish-language integration

  • Science program

  • Music and movement time

  • Learning in a more structured schedule in preparation for a Preschool curriculum

They have a classroom that allows them to explore many areas with diverse materials. Children will be exposed to areas:

  • Blocks

  • Science

  • Library

  • Music

  • Homeliving

  • Manipulative (Puzzles)

  • Art

  • Cozy Area (area that allows quiet and comfort)

If you are currently working on potty training or interested in potty training, our teachers are here to help. We will help you potty train your child if you are faithfully doing the training at home. 


We believe in positive guidance. When children experience situations, some are easier for them to process than others. As educators, we receive training on how to handle many of the challenges that can occur. We do our best to promote healthy behavior through modeling positive behavior, giving clear and simple instructions, and creating direct and open relationships with each child.   

Call today to make an appointment and visit our program. See if we are a fit for your family. 

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