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Genius Gems


Our teacher-child ratio is 1:9

This program consists of our 3 year old's and early 4 year old's. This environment really encourages children to express themselves in positive and healthy ways, such as art, song, creative projects, selective play, speech, etc.

Our Preschool Program includes:

  • More structured classroom schedule

  • Focus on early reading and writing skills

  • Counting and math skills

  • Fine motor skills with complex activities such as cutting and pasting

  • Story telling and comprehension

  • Social and self-help skill development

  • Science program

  • Spanish-language integration

At three, children learn best by doing. We use hands-on learning opportunities such as collage-building, sensory tables, blocks, sand and water play. New experiences in a nurturing environment aids cognitive development.

We want each child to feel a sense of self worth from the smallest to biggest tasks they aim to accomplish. We believe kids need to be kids and we fully support that. All of our teaching is incorporated in a way that is fun, innovative, engaging, and age appropriate. Our educators are always updating their teaching strategies to continue capturing the attention of their children.


One glove does not fit every hand the same. In just that way, one teaching method does not suit all children the same. Our goal is to work with families to develop teaching strategies that work for your child and that bring out your child's best. We are huge on family engagement. We have seen the best results of a child's development result when families and our staff are hand in hand working together to benefit the child's experience within their stay of our program. 


Whiz Kids


Our teacher-child ratio is 1:10

This program directly targets kindergarten readiness. We help prepare children for the experiences and challenges they may encounter as they enter into kindergarten.

Our home Pre-K program is being taught in a way that mimics the important fundamentals NM Pre-K programs teach but through a play-based curriculum that targets and highlights children's interests. 

As we help your child build confidence, they will also be developing skills that challenge their ability to problem solve, critically think, and manage emotional and social skills. All classrooms and students will also be exposed to speech, reading, writing, cognitive skills, fine & large motor skills, and creative expression. With these tools, we are driven to help pave the way in guiding a successful future for each child.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program includes:

  • Fine motor skills and handwriting development

  • Simple mathematics 

  • Developing literacy through guided and independent reading

  • Sight words, word families, and spelling skills

  • Outdoor play, music, and movement

  • Social studies and community building activities

  • Science program

  • Spanish-language integration

  • Off-campus field trips

  • Family Engagement Opportunities

  • Fun Center Planned Events

  • Graduation Ceremony

Precious Moments equips Pre-Kindergarteners for excellence.   Students in an Ivy Kids curriculum is often ready to read before starting Kindergarten!  We work with parents to ensure our students are academically, socially, and emotionally prepared to be their best selves as they start elementary school.

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